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March 14, 2005


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Given that we're prone to listing things here, here are some of my bests and saddests from the interview (transcript available over at Garden of Forking Paths [the link to which can be found on the right here]):

Saddest TV personality dismissal of philosophy: They’re like little affirmations (Jon Stewart)

Best role model for our undergraduates fiddling with margins and whatnot to make a thin paper fit the assignment: My editor at the Princeton University Press got the idea of publishing it as a book. And when he brought it up I said, “What are you talking about? It’s a 25 page essay, how can you bring it out as a book?” He said, “Well we can do lots with margins, and types of fonts, and page sizes…and that’s what they did.” (Harry Frankfurt)

Best relocation for what politicans and their PR hacks do: leave "spin alley" and head down to bullshit street (Stewart)

Best moment for academics to identify with: when asked whether the propensity to bullshit has cycles or just keeps piling, Frankfurt responds, It just keeps piling...[Laughter]...Did I say something funny? Stewart: You did! You know what it is -- It is the idea that you consider this so…I can see it in your head…you’re really thinking, and that is – on Comedy Central – unheard of. So we appreciate it. Frankfurt:Well, that’s how I make my living.

Looks like the Garden of Forking Paths has the complete transcript of the Frankfurt Daily Show. See

How to get more philosophers into the media? More appearances like Harry Frankfurt's on the Daily Show!

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