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September 09, 2005


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I would like to remind everyone of our Moral Psychology workshop and its call for papers. This was already advertised on this blog, but it's a good time for a reminder. The event takes place in Helsinki, Finland on 13th and 14th of December. Invited speakers are Simon Blackburn (Cambridge) and Jonathan Dancy (University of Reading and University of Texas at Austin). The deadline for papers is on 15th of September, i.e., next thursday.

More info can be found from here:

The Madison Metaethics workshop has now come and gone and a good time was had by all who I talked to. Russ Shafer-Landau did a fabulous job organizing the conference, putting together the referees, organizing dinners and keeping himself from asking any questions so that others could ask more. (Supererogation if you ever saw it!)

To my way of thinking one of the best aspects of this conference is that we all go to all of the papers (no concurrent sessions) and hence the conversations spin out over the course of a number of days with various common reference points. Presenters were once again vastly outnumbered by attendees, which I think is a testament to how much those who don't present get out of the conference. Much I think that the papers this year were somewhat more genuine workshop papers, in the sense of works in progress, than the average paper last year and this led to a very spirited bunch of discussions, that the presenters seemed very much to enjoy. (I might be wrong about this -- as one of the presenters last year I suppose I might have a skewed view.) In any event I very much enjoyed the talks and discussion from an audience perspective.

Another very nice aspect of this conference is the chance to meet a wide variety of people working in the field from the most prominent to people just starting out. I think that in this respect Russ's planning of a common dinner helps out and also that we're all in the same room hearing the same things.

This is all just to say that this is a very good annual event and worth going to, even if one does not get on the program with a paper of one's own.

Hi Mark. Thanks so much for update on the Workshop. It sounds, well, like I missed a good one. I won't be missing next year's, I'll tell you that.

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