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February 06, 2006


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Thanks for the kind invitation, Dan. And thanks to the other editors at PEA Soup. It was really very timely. The place certainly needs another 'Mike' contributing...

Welcome Mike, good to have you on board.

Yes, welcome aboard; we can never have enough Mikes. Now that we're on a roll, we should invite Michael Smith.

Yes, welcome, Michael. In light of the present Almeida/Cholbi/Huemer siutation (not to mention the frequent appearance of Michael Ridge in our comments), perhaps we should all adopt ludicrously effete British-prep-school sounding nicknames (Poppy, Biff, Cucumber, etc.) to differentiate ourselves in the comments.

Michael Smith is a terrific idea. Who's going to tell him he's Cucumber?

Not it!

I'll tell him.

It's good to have you aboard too, Mike. I'm happy to see that PEA Soup is faithfully following the consequentialist maxim: maximize the quantity of Mike's.


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