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May 20, 2006


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Although there wasn't space for it above, I wanted to acknowledge that there's already been some great discussion of Parfit's Climbing the Mountain on PEA Soup. See Michael Cholbi's post here.

Happy Birthday Pea Soup!

Good choice for text as well. I think there are reading groups currently on the book at least in Reading, Oxford, and Chapel Hill. Hopefully you can get some of the participants in these groups to contribute to the discussions as well.

Happy Birthday Soupers! Great idea to Climb the Mountain! Ambitious work and it looks very interesting!

An initial ethical question:
Is the manuscript made available online for all to access with permission from Parfit?


The manuscript has been publicly available from Professor Inna Kupreeva's home page for a long time, and is listed on Parfit's wikipedia entry. I thus assumed it was OK to add it to the website.


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