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September 08, 2006


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Doug, could you explain that NOTICE?
I hardly do any html at all, so it's probably obvious to most savvy PEA Soup readers. But to me it looks like the way people are not supposed to send in the information is some html code which, if it executed, would look just the way you say the thing is supposed to look.
Sorry, I'm missing something, I know. I'm missing the joke. Or something.

p.s. I almost never look at OPP, and I look at PEA Soup almost daily. But I could certainly RSS OPP, so it's not a big deal.


I really appreciate the alerts (like Jamie, I stop by here more frequently than OPP, and also it's nice to have the ethics stuff all in one place), but I'm sure we'd all understand if you need to devote time to other things. Whatever you end up doing, thanks for your work.

I, too, was confused by the Notice. I would have thought that the thing which you say you don't want -- i.e. with html code in plain text -- is precisely what you do need to copy and paste into a blog post.

To illustrate, I'll first copy and paste into this comment the thing you say you do want. Here's what we get:

Richard J. Arneson, Luck Egalitarianism: An Interpretation and Defense, forthcoming in Philosophical Topics.

Now, I'll copy and paste the thing you say you don't want. Here's what we get:”>Richard J. Arneson,”>Luck Egalitarianism: An Interpretation and Defense. forthcoming in Philosophical Topics.

Isn't the result of the second copy-and-pasting what you really want?

Jamie and Campbell,

It's complicated. I'll try to explain as best I can, but please just take me at my word. I'm not making a joke.

How it works for comments is not the way it works for posts. If you do what Campbell did for his comment for a post, you get a very different result -- at least you do if you use the default compose-post window. There is a way to switch to the html compose-post window, but all the email alerts to the table of contents of the latest journal issues come in the first form, not the second (not in plain text with the coding explicit). And if I just cut and paste from these emails into the html editor of the compose-post window, no link will show up unless I add all the html codes myself. Basically, then, I need everything to be in one or the other forms. And it easier (I hope!) to get all of you to follow my directions, then it is to get journals to start sending their email alerts in plain text with all the code markers explicit.


I want to say I also enjoy and profit from these alerts, although reading them may have increased what I count as procrastination time right now - time devoted to anything unrelated to the dissertation, writing sample, etc. (I am market bound).

As for why your updates help: I do not have the time right now to look at the OPP & if I do look at it I will prbly end up reading something I definitely shouldn't be devoting time to.

Yep. I just checked over there and was tempted by an article Harman wrote about Stanley and epistemic contextualism; while looking at that list, it sure seems like I have reason to read it.

All joking aside, continued alerts will be much appreciated!


I check PS daily but rarely OPP. I like having ethics papers all together. If the workload is burdensome for one person is there a way to distribute the burden among several?

Since a number of people like it and since it isn't very burdensome for me, I'll continue the ethics alerts -- for now, at least.

Thanks everyone for the feedback.

An additional reason for keeping this service is that OPP only tracks drafts and preprints, to the exclusion of publications in journals available online. For example, the recent issue of Philosophical Studies, listed above, will not appear in OPP. For those of us who can access these journals, Ethics Updates remains a useful tool in itself.

'Ethics Alerts', not 'Ethics Updates'. Sorry.

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