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September 11, 2006


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Well, we may be in luck this year, a tentative agreement has been reached, see:

Thanks, Laurie.


Thanks for the information and the update. It seems to me there is a larger APA national issue here, namely, the non-existence (so far as I know) of contingency plans regarding the divisional meetings. A labor strike is only one such a contingency; at some point, we'll likely have to confront the possibility of a divisional meeting being cancelled, moved, rescheduled, etc. because of a natural disaster. (I'm often surprised that such a fate has not befallen the Eastern meeting, given the probability of a snowstorm hitting New York, Boston, etc. around Christmas.) And to my knowledge, there is no backup plan for divisional meetings, and this is problematic irrespective of the ethical or political questions raised by the labor situation in San Francisco.

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