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January 09, 2007


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Having just re-read parts of Moore's Ethics, I am strongly inclined to believe that, despite all his other fine qualities, he would have been a terrible blogger.

In the style of the standard blog-comment: I totally agree, Sven.
The MO of "ethics", never to use a single poignant formulation of a thesis where a dozen will do, would indeed be badly suited for a blog. But then again, perhaps most bloggers are terrible bloggers and Moore would have fitted in just fine.

My two cents, many times over:
J.S. Mill perhaps could have a good blogger, since he wrote many short pieces, though by blog conventions they are too long.
J.J. Rousseau would have been a poor blogger: long-winded and doesn't often stay on topic.
C.D. Broad would have made an good blogger: he keeps to the point and uses un-opulent language.
A. Smith would also have been a good blogger, since he could be clear and terse.
I think most of well-known (in the west) ancient Chinese philosophers would have been good bloggers, though many modern readers of blogs may not have had the patience for them. The Analects reads like a collection of blog posts.
Helenistic stoics would have been good bloggers too.
Cicero would have been an aweful blogger: way too many long sentences.
Leibniz would have been a great blogger, though his posts would have been long-ish for blogs.
Sidgwick would have been OK: he could deliver short crisp arguments.
Heidegger would have been an atrocious blogger.
Likewise for Fichte.
Likewise for Merleau-Ponty.
Likewise for Husserl.
Berkeley would have been a good blogger: used plain english and could give short arguments.
Likewise for Dewey.
Alright, I can't think of any others I've read enough of to comment on.

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