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March 06, 2007


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So hard to know what to say! But I take your telling me to shut up as a personal invitation. (And motivation to get with the fast pace of pea-souping).

One thing to say is that not all psychologists are this... oblivious to the subtleties of conceptual analysis. Many are quite explicit about defining terms for specific purposes and they often claim to be studying a relatively uncontroversial *part* of one very general end (such as well-being' or 'the good life'), thus leaving real analysis to others (us?)

P.S. What's "trackback"?

Valerie, are you suggesting that Jane Weaver, health editor at, didn't choose an appropriate person to ask about the nature of happiness? Hogwash!

(I'm not sure what "Trackback" is. I just click every possible box when I post something, just to be safe.)

The trackback link will show who has linked to this post. So, if Dr. Donald E. Rosen M.D. decided to post a reply to Ben's post—imagine that!—on another blog and he linked to it, it would show up here on PEA Soup as a trackback.

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