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March 01, 2007


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I'll second that sentiment!


I'd also be very happy to see JESP incorporate a section devoted to discussions.

[I've just had a discussion note rejected by a journal because I discussed 2 articles in the note - one published in the journal itself, another from another journal (and did not adequately focus on the former, according to the rejection letter). It's a rather frustrating position - the two articles I discuss defend essentially the same thesis, and it would be poor scholarship to focus on just one of the papers... I've since sent it off to the journal which published the other article; I'm not expecting much...]

I think that would be good. I recently had an experience similar to Jason's. I wanted to make a quick point about an article that appeard in an invitation-only journal. There doesn't seem to be a place for things like that.

I think that is a fantastic idea.

- Kris

I also think it's a great idea.

I'll third that notion, good idea.

This is certainly a terrific idea.

Over at TAR there is another post relevant to this topic:

Sounds great to me!

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