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December 05, 2007


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Should anyone be interested in an introductory glossary guide for some key concepts in Confucianism (by way of enhancing 'familiarity with Confucianism'), along with a substantial selected bibliography, you can e-mail me at patrickseamus"at" [use 'at' symbol].

Although I have a previous engagement, this is very exciting to see. I have been looking for Graduate programs with a more global philosophy program, especially "Eastern" philosophies.

I see on the Philosophical Gourmet a list of universities with a focus on Indian or Chinese philosophy, but the rankings were done in 2006 ( Are there universities, that anyone knows of, with a large focus on these philosophies that are not listed?

I hope the conference goes well.

Thanks and Warm Regards,
Steven Larmore


I can't speak for Indian philosophy, but the situation in Chinese philosophy hasn't changed much since 2006. We had an interesting discussion of the current state of Chinese philosophy on Leiter's blog about one year ago, which you can find here.

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