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December 24, 2008


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Hi Jussi -

Thanks so much for that, and I'd also like to say thanks to the various editors for letting me ramble occasionally on their blog. This place is a great resource! And to all those on the market - good luck!

I'm not at a loss for words, that passage is fantastic! I'll just assign this instead of Mill and Moore from this point on.

Jussi, have a safe trip. I'll be at the Eastern, too. Anyone else? If any of you happen to still be in Philly late Tuesday afternoon, the hubbub is that there's a really good epistemology session that people around here are saying shouldn't be missed...

Happy holidays to all of you and good luck to most of you on the job market.

Thanks, Jussi. But could you please say _something_ about the passage? Much here seems interesting to me also, but I don't want to take the first step.

I should like to second Jussi's thanks to editors of PEA Soup, Dan Boisvert, Joshua Glasgow, Douglas Portmore, and David Shoemaker, for all their great work in making the blog what it is!

And I'd also like to wish Jussi all the best at the APA in Philadelphia!

Jussi: am I correct in assuming that your "loss for words" actually signify a torrent-like abundance of words (or however you store your ideas nowadays), temporarily incapacitated by crowding?
And, further, in expecting the chief passage in question to be the interpretation of Moore's OQA, the naturalistic fallacy and the meaning of 'natural'?
Sometimes you do get the impression that people only read the catch-phrases and then guess their content, don't you?

I agree, of course, that Hauser's is a very strange reading indeed, but I've come across variations of it so frequently recently that I've started to wonder whether the hold of Moore's arguments (in certain circles anyway) isn't due to this misintrepretation, rather than to it's proper understanding.
(This, in turn, might be due to our occupational obsession with dissecting misinterpretations: it's a respectable technique, but it doesn't translate too well into other, even adjoining, disciplines).

Well, vaccines and reading glasses are certainly natural in Moore's sense.Hauser is making a silly category mistake.

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