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May 28, 2009


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Congratulations to all!

I thought I had the wrong URL this morning when the new theme popped up. Looks slick, though; nicely done.

Pat Greenspan's forthcoming paper, "Resting Content: Sensible Satisficing?," which is soon to be published in the special APQ issue on rationality, was influenced by one of Doug's posts. Congratulations, Pat!

This reminds me that it would be great to hear about other papers published this year (or forthcoming) that have been influenced by discussions here in PEA Soup. Any others?

Love the new look! This is what the inside of Derek Parfit's mind looks like, if I'm not mistaken. Brilliant and austere....

Love the new look, but the lone tree does look a bit bare--neither green nor bearing fruit. But that, no doubt, is cunningly meant to symbolize that all the of the many fruitful and lush ideas presented on pea soup get instantly snapped up and made use of, and are not left on the web to rot.

Congrats all, and thanks for keeping us thematically and philosophically stimulated!

The bare, lone tree must be a clever dog-whistle: evoking several of the monkish virtues, is it not a warning to be on the lookout for any "hare-brained enthusiasts" who may lurk under it?

Note to Dan: the global recent comments feed seems to have died. Can it be resurrected? If it's not simple to do that I've found a new way to set these feeds up via an external site, and will do that and provide you a link to post if you like.


Yes, the global comments feed had to go, as you suggested, for technical reasons. But, please, if you know of a good way to set up such a feed, please send me the info or post it here. I, and I'm sure others, would really appreciate it.

Here's a new comments feed link:

This feed is the list of recent comments and links copied from the front page of Pea Soup. The only thing I can't figure out how to do is get the content of the comments to show up in the content of the feed, as in the old comments feed. If anyone wants to have a go at improving this, please send me a note by email.

Thanks so much, Simon. I'll have a further look sometime over the next day or two.

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