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September 22, 2009


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Congratulations! It's well-deserved. I do, however, expect that you'll buy me a beer for nominating you the next time that I see you.

The drinks are on Dave!

Yes, drinks are on me, although because I won only second prize, the drinks will consist in Natural Lite and warm lemonade. I do have a dog to feed, after all.

Seriously, thanks for the nomination, Doug, and thanks to all who participated in that post's discussion. There were many excellent posts this year on PEA Soup, so this feels a bit random. I share this award in spirit (but not in cash) with those many others.

As is the case every time I post on the Soup, I learned a lot, and it made the paper I'm working on on this topic a helluva lot better (I hope!). Perhaps the editors at Ethics will take this prize into consideration when I submit the paper by transferring it directly to the associate editors round.

I think Dennett's comments were dead on about the atmosphere generally at PEA Soup: the discussions are quite constructive and aim at the truth (rather than scoring points), and so I'm most grateful to be part of a blog community made up of such sharp, insightful, and helpful readers and writers.

Congrats! That's great.

"What I particularly liked about this piece was its constructive tone, which is echoed by the commentators. They all seem to understand that philosophy isn’t about scoring points and refuting each other, but about getting the best view out in the open for all to see."

Amen to this.

Way to go, Dave!!

Oh, and of course thanks to Tim Scanlon for his recent book, without which not!

Well done, Dave!

Congratulations, Dave.


Woo-hoo, the Shoe!

Indeed, belated congratulations to Dave.

I was wondering if it might be fun to have our own 'internal' honors. What I had in mind was a 'Best of PEA Soup' menu off to the left, with a selection of past posts. We could either do nominations or go by number of comments. What do others think?

I think this is a great idea, Michael - that way people who stop by, so to speak, could get a sense of what happens when a full blown discussion arises.

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