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June 13, 2011


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I wonder if those who answered 'yes' to Q5 had a weaker "some sense of obligation" in mind than they did when answering Q4?

Even if everyone shares your intuition that the securable intention condition applies to an important sense of objective obligation, they might still answer 'yes' to Q5 so long as they are more liberal than us in what other senses of 'obligation' they countenance. (E.g., if they also think there's a sense of 'objective obligation' corresponding to, say, the best physically possible outcome.)

So there's some risk here that the questions weren't necessarily getting at what you wanted...

Hi Richard,

I hope that's what is going on, and it's not just that I have wacky intuitions.

I'm sure that there are many design flaws with my survey. It would be interested in hearing from those who took the survey whether the relevant sense of obligation changed as they proceeded through the questions.

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