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July 12, 2011


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Jeff McMahan's "The Just Distribution of Harm Between Combatants and Non-Combatants" (Philosophy and Public Affairs 38:4, 2010) continues McMahan's excellent track record of re-energizing a Just War theory that had gotten kind of bogged down for a while after Walzer.

I really liked reading Shelly Kagan's just published article, "Do I Make a Difference?" in Philosophy and Public Affairs 39 (2011): 105-141. Written in his characteristically direct and lucid style.

I absolutely loved Not Enough There There by Micheal Titelbaum. It's an attack on first order propositional uniqueness from a logician's perspective. It's a heady read, but it's devastating. Honestly, it's one of the first times since philosophy 101 and learning quantum mechanics that my mind has had to do a 180 in its thinking about matters.

I found Phillip Montague's Stem Cell Research and the Problem of Embryonic Identity to be fairly interesting.

Also, Blackburn's review of Parfit was most amusing.

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