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November 01, 2011


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Maybe worth mentioning that I will be giving the above mentioned paper "Backing Away from Self-Ownership" in Tucson on January 3rd or 4th as a Freedom Center event with a few commentators. I will be giving a different but related paper "Problems for Self-Ownership" at this conference at the above mentioned day and time. Folks who show up early to the Normative Ethics thing are certainly invited to the Center event on the 3rd or 4th. Perhaps best to contact me closer to the event for final specifics of day and time.

And I understand, David, that you're doing a talk at Tucson's local Barnes & Noble a few days later for a non-academic audience, called "Self-Ownership? Feh!"

Which I suppose modesty prevents you from mentioning is just the warm up act for your talk at the Barnes and Noble Starbucks. I love the gimmick where each time someone orders a novel drink, you unveil a novel distinction in kinds of responsibility.

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