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January 10, 2013


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Thanks to Dan, Doug and Josh for all their hard work on the blog. It's a great achievement.

I guess the new version should be called PEA Soup DS.



Thanks so much to Dan, Doug, Josh, and Dave for creating and sustaining Pea-Soup these many years. It is a great achievement and I and many, many others have benefitted from the existence of a place to try out one's own not fully formulated ideas and to hear others do the same. I have always loved this venue and am so grateful to the Fantastic 4 for their work on Pea-Soup.

I hope Shoemaker and I can continue the proud tradition. We have ideas for some changes here that we hope to be in a position to announce before too long. Stay tuned for that. But for now I would like to again thank Dan, Doug, Josh, and Dave and doubly thank Dave for being willing to stay on and be co-editor with me.

Great job, Dan, Doug and Josh. I'm glad that you will finally now be able to spend some time with your families.

Thanks you all, for putting this place together and keeping it going!

Thanks Dan, Doug, and Josh for making this a wonderful resource.

Glad to see David come on board, sorry to see anyone step down. Thanks to Dan, Doug, and Josh for their role in getting the soup rolling.

Thanks for all the work you must have put into the Blog Dan, Doug, Josh, and Dave! It was a great productive procrastination outlet during graduate school (or so I told myself) and it is nice to see how it has substantively added to the academic discourse.

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