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July 15, 2013


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Hille, will someone give an official set of comments first, as Tommie Shelby did for the discussion of Chike Jeffers's paper? Or is Chris Morris's intro essay in Ethics supposed to serve that purpose?

Hi Jamie, We might still have a precis; but there have been some small bumps in the road in organizing this. My first time doing this -- hopefully will go smoother in the future. In any case, yes, the Morris introduction does serve a similar purpose.

(Many thanks to Morris for agreeing to have his Intro plugged here; and to the Press for making it, in addition to the Gauthier article, open access!)

I just updated the post to include information about a precis; many thanks to Susan Dimock!

A quick additional note: Christopher Morris helpfully points out that his Introduction might be useful especially to those readers who are familiar mainly with Gauthier's 1986 book, but not with his later work.

Excellent, thanks Hille. (And Chris, and Susan Dimock.)

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