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March 02, 2015


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Hi Chrisoula, cool topic! You might find my 'Value Receptacles' paper relevant here:

There I argue that what's relevant for regret (and non-fungible treatment more generally) is whether one's axiology is, as I put it, appropriately "token-pluralistic" in nature (which it can be even if it is a "monistic" view in the sense of only allowing one type of good). Each individual person's welfare, for example, is plausibly a distinct (token) intrinsic good; whereas qualitatively similar pleasures within a single life (especially if at the same time) are more plausibly seen as "mere (constitutive) means" to the same intrinsic good (namely, one's aggregate pleasure-of-this-type).

Hi Richard. Thanks for the link. Looking forward to reading the paper!

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