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September 05, 2016


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'Crowd-sourced peer review' sounds reminiscent of Andrew Cullison's 'Sympoze' project; it might be worth asking him why it seems not to exist anymore.">">

Robert, thanks, I hadn't heard about that, and it certainly does seem similar.

I would promote your idea on sites like Daily Nous and Leiter Reports (either paying for an ad or contacting them for a mention).

Create a page in which donations can be made, and comments or questions posed. Continuing this attitude of wanting feedback and it to be a collaboration (obviously as the crowdsourcing element implies).

Your proposal/project at least attempts to address some issues with traditional peer review and journal standards. This is a good place, I think, to start a discussion about those wider problems, how we address them, and the kind of role and responsibility we'd assume in the crowdsourcing model.

Perhaps some fellow philosophers and intellectuals of yours might have a dialogue about this new method and this discussion about its merits and benefits, etc. might help promote its popularity further. If this becomes a subject of discussion on a few popular philosophy blogs--there is a lot of potential for more publicity by proxy.

Other ideas for funding include leveraging it's (hopefully) eventual popularity, or even it's potential--and getting sponsors or having ads on the site, etc. I'm not sure how the inner workings of journals and academic publications usually run though.

I don't have any credentials, those are just my thoughts. Good luck!

To consolidate my comments. I'll post my reply on the Daily Nous Thread.

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